The Creative Recycling Project

Recycle to Support the Arts!

KBA’s Creative Recycling Project challenges Maine businesses and organizations to encourage office recycling in order to support the arts.  Participating groups are provided with Recycling bins and bags, and call upon KBA Volunteers to come and collect bags when they are full and ready for redemption. Redeemable bottles and cans are tallied for each organization, with the top contributor winning a Sponsorship package for the KahBang Art Festival held in August in conjunction with the KahBang music|art|film Festival on the Bangor Waterfront!

The Creative Recycling project helps us raise money to support our various artist development & support programs including galleries, music showcases, educational workshops, film screenings and the annual KahBang Art Festival.


How It Works

Step1Place your recycling bin in the office break room, or somewhere where everyone can find it! Encourage your staff to save their empty can of red bull or bring bottles from home! Every contribution is five cents towards supporting the arts in Maine.

Step2Toss all your refundable cans and bottles in the KBA Creative Recycling Bin that we have provided you. As soon as your bag is full, we will replace it with another, so don’t be shy! If you see someone throwing their cans in the trash, remind them that KahBang Arts cannot be awesome without their help.

Step3When your bin is full and would like us to come and pick up the bag, all you need to do is text us! Contact us by phone or simply text your 4-digit tag number. Feel free to email us if that is more convenient for you. Forgot your 4-digit tag number? No problem, just look on the side of your collection bin, we have pasted it there along with our phone number and other contact information.

After you have contacted us, a KBA Volunteer will promptly be by to collect the bag and take it off to the recycling center. Every bag is tagged with a sticker, indicating what organization the bag came from. We count and record every redeemable bottle & can in your bag.

The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a list of every participating organization and a tally of how they are doing. It is updated at the start of every month and posted on the homepage. Check in to see how your organization is doing.


♦ The Top Contributing Organization on July 1st earns a Supporting Sponsorship for the KahBang Art Festival along with passes to the KahBang Music Festival on the Bangor Waterfront ♦

What Your Earn

Every Participating Organization receives:

  • Two complimentary KahBang Arts Annual Memberships

The Top Contributing Organization receives:

  • Supporting Sponsorship of the 2014 KahBang Art Festival
  • Logo & recognition on homepage
  • Logo & recognition on sponsor page
  • Signage at all Art Festival Venues
  • Acknowledgement on KahBang Arts & KahBang Festival social media
  • 6 Festival Passes to the 2014 KahBang Music Festival

What Materials are Provided?

KBA provides you with a recycling bin and multiple colored trash bags. You also receive sticker tags to place on each bag that we collect from you. Participating organizations do not need to provide anything and there is no cost for taking part.


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