Music Shorts: Music Docs and Music Videos

/ Aug

Music Shorts: Music Docs and Music Videos

Portland, ME
One Longfellow Square
11:30 am - 01:00 pm
Film Badge or $5 General Admission.
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A super block of Music Docs and Music Videos that will rock your socks off.

Lady Lamb

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Return to Maine

Run Time | 17 mins
Director | Bryan Bruchman

Aly Spaltro began her musical career in the back room of a DVD rental shop in Brunswick, Maine. Bart & Greg’s DVD Explosion was where she worked the night shift and spent her nights practicing, writing songs, and sometimes sleeping in her guitar case. She cut her teeth performing — solo, then as part of a duo, then solo again — in the state’s biggest city, Portland, before moving on to conquer Boston and NYC, ultimately landing in Brooklyn as a home base for her critically-acclaimed, internationally-touring project. To celebrate the March 2013 release of her debut full-length album as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, BTRtv and HillyTown joined Spaltro for a trip home to Maine to visit the town where she got her start and to unveil the new album with the help of a live band at SPACE Gallery.


Trainwreck to Narnia KAHBANGSIX

Run Time | 24 mins
Director | Dylan Bergeson

‘Trainwreck to Narnia’ is an impressionistic look at life on the road with a comedy band in pursuit of an elusive dream. Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits are the hardest working band you’ve never heard of. Their story begins in Pinole, a strip mall-infested Bay Area suburb that spawned the likes of Primus, Metallica and Green Day, making it a hub of both fast food and rock music. Then the 90s happened. As Seattle churned out grunge, California loosed a marketable version of punk that set big labels on the prowl. As teenagers, Bobby Joe Ebola founders Dan and Corbett watched many of their peers achieve mass popularity. 18 years later, they are still fighting for their dream of surviving on their art.

2014 Sound Bite Selections:

“Tocando el Sol” Vasca (venezuela)
Director | Vadim Lasca
Run Time | 5 min

“C.T.R.L.” (united kingdom)
Director | Mariana Conde
Run Time | 3 min

“Mulligan’s Island” We Govern We (usa)
Director | Jeffrey Palmer
Run Time | 4 min

“Numb” Adam Jensen (usa)
Director | Ivo Raza
Run Time | 3 min

“Flaws” (usa)
Director | Gabrielle Giaco
Run Time | 3 min

“Artful Dodger” iNCH (usa)
Director | Felipe P Soares
Run Time | 4 min

“Six Six Six” Jesse Pilgrim & The Bonfire (usa)
Director | Jeff Griecci
Run Time | 3 min

“Space Tree” Medium Troy (usa)
Director | Rachel Goldberg
Run Time | 4 min

“When He Comes Home” Banditas (usa)
Director | Ben Phillippo
Run Time | 3 min


Doors open for priority seating (Film Badges) at 11:10 am.
Individual Screening tickets will be released at 11:15 am for $5 at One Longfellow Square, 181 State St, Portland, ME.

*Schedule is subject to change
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