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KahBang Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery, development and support of independent artists. Through its programs, KahBang Arts seeks to inspire artists from the United States and around the world, and to promote their work to audiences worldwide.

Our work is only made possible with the generous help from our community of supporters. Each year we rely on individual donors, members, foundations and corporate sponsors to ensure the progress of our organization. Your contribution supports the work of artists in traditional & visual arts, film and music by helping us to continue our programs and create opportunities for artists to showcase and exhibit their work.  We thank you for your commitment to our mission to advance the work of artists in all aspects of the arts.

In the simplest terms, KahBang Arts (or KBA as it is known amongst its followers) is a nonprofit for a young audience. Unlike the trends seen in many older, established arts not-for-profits across the country, KBA’s base is growing and its supporters are most likely under the age of 40. Like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, KBA counters the stereotype that this demographic in non-philanthropic and indifferent to art. (As of the fall of 2012, Kickstarter has raised over $275 million dollars for various creative endeavors across the U.S, funded primarily through its youthful subscribers).

Keeping with this, KBA’s branding and message must remain simple. The message to potential supports is easy;

Help us help art.

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