We Showcase Artists

Every day artists work towards the realization of their vision. Part of our mission is to create opportunities for emerging artists to connect with audiences and share their work. As part of that mission KBA curated & promotes several artist showcase events throughout the year highlighting musicians, artists, filmmakers and more. KBA also presents “pop-up” galleries & venues throughout the year which seek out vacant spaces in Bangor and other communities and transforms them into workable venues – showcasing a range of artists working in different mediums.



CentralGalleryCentral Gallery is KBA’s gallery space for artist exhibition. Located in the heart of downtown Bangor’s arts district, this space features 12 artists per year through a series of 3 week exhibits, all opening with a reception on the 1st Saturday of each month.  In addition to opening receptions,  the gallery hosts artist talks by exhibiting artists and other KBA events throughout the year. KBA stands strongly behind it’s belief that galleries should be uncensored, all ages and rotate frequently to allow as many artists as possible to find audiences for their works.

KAHBANG Art Festival

Every August, KBA hosts various galleries, exhibitions and artist showcases as part of the KAHBANG Festival on the Waterfront Festival grounds and galleries throughout Bangor, Maine. Thousands of festival-goers and local residents visit the installations provided by over 2-dozen emerging artists working in various mediums and formats.

The mission of our Art Festival is to create a diverse venue for graphic artists, visual artists, installation artists, fine artists and performing artists looking to be showcased. This event has both indoor and outdoor artist exhibition areas. Learn More >>

KAHBANG Film Festival

KBFilm_TEASER The Film Festival is a discovery festival for independent cinema, dedicated to showcasing emerging films and filmmakers and exposing them to new audiences. The festival is a program of KAHBANG Arts and is part of the annual KAHBANG Festival every August on the Bangor Waterfront. To serve this mission, the KAHBANG Film Festival brings a unique free ticket model allowing for a wide, diverse audience of festival-goers. Check out the film festival here.