Toussaint Morrison | Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend

Toussaint Morrison | Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend

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Toussaint Morrison | Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend

Record Label: Urban Home Companion

The Greatest Mixtape You Haven’t Downloaded

The name Toussaint brings to mind New Orleans R&B legend Allen Toussaint. Morrison elicits thoughts of the lizard king writhing on stage. Two names, two distinct musical styles from American culture. Combine them and you’ll end up with something just as distinct. Toussaint Morrison’s 2012 mix tape ,”Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend”, merges samples ranging from Sara Bareilles to Tegan and Sara to Chet Atkins, and makes them work…really well, while at all times showcasing Morisson’s lyrics and skills at the microphone.

Despite the risk of Mr. Morrison reading this blog post and being offended by the comparison, I have to admit I am reminded of 80′s releases by Tony! Toni! Toné! and Young MC. Why? Because they were fun and I’m a staunch believer in music being fun. “Can’t Relive The Party” kicks it off, blending Morrison singing over the music of The Generationals, setting the tone. This isn’t some half-baked mashup project. He’s got lyrics that tell stories and you want to keep listening.

“Weapon Sex” is warning to listeners of the pleasures and dangers found in hooking up with an ex. It hits with pounding piano chords courtesy of Miss Bareilles that have been reconfigured to hit as beats combined with wahwah guitar ala Prince and the NPG. “April Father’s Day” shows a more somber tone. “The line between your hope and despair is freakin’ you out and when it gets there and it’s nowhere to be found” sings Morisson. Morrison’s lyrics run rampant though out the mixtape. It feels so personal, you think you might be sneaking a peak at his diary. There’s real emotion telling you he puts a lot of his own life in the words of these songs. At the same time, the emotion is broken up with flashback references for cool kids and comic book geeks alike. “Looking like the love child of Storm and Wolverine” and “It’s on like Voltron” are just two of the rapid-fire mentions that take me back to being a dorky kid in the 80s with my bowl haircut and Dukes of Hazzard iron-on t-shirt.

In “Baby, I’m Bad Weather”, Morrison raps “Thought I was sunshine but baby, I’m bad weather. I’m off the doppler in the 5 day forecast. By the time they hear me, I’ve already pushed the shore back”. Over the Chet Atkins tune “Jam Man”, he spins a tale of relationships. You’d never think it’d work but it works so well, I’d have worn out my mp3 (if they could be worn out…damn, I miss analog…).

Trying something new can be uncomfortable, like a pair of jeans that haven’t been broken-in yet but you’ll be comfortable listening to …Is Not My Boyfriend. You’ll know some of the building blocks Morrison uses but the samples take a backseat. They are rearranged in a way that you recognize it but they sit in a “just different enough” way that you can focus on the MC.

“Get Popular” partners music by Tegan and Sara with Morisson looking at judgmental high school kids. Shedding the idea of racial labels he replies “Whatever we are doesn’t need to be defined ’til the next census, 2020″. His music as a whole can be seen the same way. Rap, Alt. Rock, R&B, Indie, Soul- It don’t matter what it is, I don’t want to label it…I just want to listen…and I do.

At present time, Morrison is hard at work on his third mixtape “Fast Times At Trillmont High”, which he plans to release this April.

Like Bad Rabbits and Rapahel Saadiq? Still have Stone Cold Rhymin’ by Young MC on cassette? Download this mixtape now. It’s free and so good you’ll feel like your stealing (ooh, the rush without the pesky conviction).


Toussaint Morrison- Can’t Relive the Party

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Mark Nason

February 10th, 2013

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